Terms & Conditions


By completing the application form on the Credit Central website the terms & conditions below is for your interest. You also acknowledge that we will not be held accountable for any form of loss or misuse of our services. You also understand and allow for us to debit your account based on the salary date you’ve provided upon completion of the application form. You also agree and give us permission to deduct a monthly amount of R149. We will also only deduct funds from your account if your application was successful and if you approved you debicheck mandate request.

If your initial payment failed we will auto downgrade your package. This will include:
- R 30 000 funeral cover
- R 1250 Grocery Coupons
- Legal Assistance
- Credit Assistance Service (FREE)

A new recurring debit order will be loaded for this. The amount of the debit order will be R 89.00


We do not share your personal information with any 3rd parties not directly involve with Credit central. Information only gets shared with our underwriters and service partners in order to provide you with the adequate service delivery.


The service offers access to a repair or screen replacement services for any smart device. The member is offered access to free services supported by a national panel of reputable smart device repairers. The member dials the dedicated contact centre number and an appointment will be made with a service provider where the member resides. The replacement will be completed within 24 hours and the member will be notified when the device is ready for collection. The collection and delivery of the device can also be arranged on behalf of the member.

- Limited to 2 repairs per annum and limited to R1500 per incident
- Collections and deliveries will be for the member’s account


Discounts available to redeem on a digital coupon platform. A minimum of 35 coupons are provided monthly and discounts ranges between R2 to R20 per product.

Product categories include:
- Stable foods
- Tinned goods
- Meat products
- Cleaning products
- Stationary
- Cosmetic and Baby products etc.

Redemption partners include:
- Shoprite/Checkers
- Dischem


Members qualify for a free return bus ticket every quarter to a South African destination of their choice. All national private bus service provider is available based on availability. 1 free bus ticket every quarter; Benefit limits and frequency can be tailor-made.


Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors provide advice to the customer on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence, 24/7.

- 30 min face to face with a lawyer per incident will be covered
- Unlimited telephonic legal advice


Our Family Funeral Cover offers professional assistance to clients who are faced with death in the family. We offer R30 000 funeral coverage per member which covers the main policy holder, spouse and up to 6 dependants

- Unlimited telephonic support


In the event that you wish to make use of our deb review service you hereby agree for us to send your information onto our deb review department in order for them to engage with you in order to start your debt consolidation process.


The service offers dispatching of an appropriate service provider in the event of a roadside emergency and continuous follow-up until the incident is attended to.

The service includes: - Flat tyre - Flat battery - Running out of fuel - Keys locked inside the vehicle - Mechanical and electrical breakdown (vehicle will be towed to the nearest most appropriate place of safekeeping) - Emergency car-hire and accommodation (breakdown occurring more than 100km from the customer’s permanent residence)

Call out and labour will be covered, 10L of fuel will be supplied, 2 incidents per annum Call out and 1st hours labour, Unlimited incidents will be covered R1000 cover per incident for accommodation or car rental

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